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Alpha Omnipresence is a hyper casual and planetary smash 'em up about brute strength survival against firepower. Use your surroundings to maneuver into advantageous positions and shove enemies off of your planet.

​One Finger Control:​ Easily unleash your strength and quick decision-making.

​Unlock and Upgrade Yourself: ​Collect coins and complete objectives to improve your chances for survival with powerups!

​Various Environments: ​Show your dominance in different worlds each with its own unique soundtrack available on most streaming platforms​.

​New Content Incoming: ​As the game is regularly updated, there are always new planets, new features or planets named after fans of the game (check the about page in-game for more information).


The soundtrack that plays with an associate planet during gameplay is uniquely its own. If you happen to enjoy any of them, the soundtracks are available on:



Apple Music


Game Prototype


Original idea with a much more punishing gameplay than the released design

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