Hey, I'm Renz.

I dance in between software development and self-development, sharing my insights to help you with the development of software and your life.

// My Story

I have buried myself in debt earning a software engineering degree and I'm on the journey of breaking free.

I have experience working for a start-up and with publishing my own games.

Besides software development, I also have a passion for breaking (breakdancing) and fitness.

My family migrated to Canada from the Philippines and they are all the hardest working people I know.

My parents sacrificed a lot for my siblings and I ... and it's the reason why I show up everyday.

I don't only want financial freedom for myself, but also for my family.

Some day I will make it happen by developing software full-time whether that be independently or working for someone else. No matter what, I'll be rolling on the floor, moving my body and pushing lines of code in the cloud as long as I can.

// My Projects and Resources

A mobile game where you shove foes and conquer worlds with one finger.
Rainy Day
A financial education game hidden behind casual game design.
Resources to Get Started with Game Development - RENZ
A collection of resources to help you get started with making games based off of my own experiences!

// What I'm Working On

Self Development - RENZ
A collection of self development insights.
Game Development - RENZ
A collection of my game development insights, tools, and fixes for niche problems you may run into.
Gamifying my breaking and calisthenic skills.

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