Rainy Day

A casual financial education game.


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Game Description

Just a few minutes daily is the answer to financial literacy and resiliency.

- Me

Join in on the journey to level up your personal finance.

Stack money, set aside emergency funds, and invest in assets in a simplified simulation of how money works to better handle it in real life.

Throughout the game, you'll hone your financial management skills by taking control of your spending, navigating stock market fluctuations, and making strategic investments.


  • Easy pick up. Stack money and reach new heights all with one finger.
  • Idle mode. Make your money work for you with smart investments.
  • Daily system. Get to apply insights into the real world from the limited playtime provided for players daily to learn or reinforce financial literacy
  • Leaderboard. It’s a game, but personal finance IS personal. There is no real competition.
  • Bonuses. The gameplay is straightforward, but challenging to perfect each time. Make it count and you will be rewarded.
  • Minimal design. There are 5 unlockable background colors available.
  • Upgrades. Set yourself up for financial success with each one.

Rainy Day is a freemium game that does not force ads or in-app purchases.

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