Celebrating Indie Games | Downwell

Celebrating Indie Games | Downwell
Photo by Aleks Dorohovich / Unsplash

Developer: Ojiro Fumoto (Moppin)
Cost: ~$4 CDN
Platforms: PS4 (2016), Switch (2019), Windows (2015), iOS (1015), Android (2016), PS Vita (2016)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Roguelike, Platformer, Shooter
Engine: GameMaker: Studio

In the Celebrating Indie Games series, I put in at least 30 minutes playing a game no matter how it plays out. My goal with it is to continually learn game design, gather inspirations, and help showcase indie games.

Downwell Launch Trailer

This time I fell for an already popular game called Downwell on mobile (Android version). I found this game through Mark Brown's YouTube video where he explains the very clever dual purpose design of the game, which I highly recommend for those who are in to game design.

// Gameplay and Mechanics

Even though I don't have the game on console or PC, I think that mobile is where it's at to play this game. There are only three buttons: left button, right button, and a dual purpose jump/shoot button. You can take your time, but runs are generally quick and so maybe I'm just terrible at the game? In all seriousness, it's a straightforward game with a lot of depth. It's the perfect mix for mobile.

It's easy to understand and is addicting to try and master. Expect to be playing over and over again, going deeper and deeper into the underground world as you get better.


// Graphics, Art Style, and Sound

The game's 1-Bit art style is a throwback, is beautiful, and there are a plethora of color palettes to unlock. These color palettes much like the sound effects and soundtrack compliment the gameplay well, making the gaming experience overall rewarding.


Pastel: My Favourite Colour Palette In Downwell (so far)

// Story and Narrative

There's a bit of story going on with the game too that leaves everything up to the imagination.

// Conclusion

Again, I think Downwell is the ideal phone game. There is so much depth and replayability. Every run is different and you can really only get better.

// Video Version

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