brown and white long fur cat with red ribbon

To the love of my life, Happy Birthday Laura!! :)

Okay, I didn't get a card, but I've dedicated a whole webpage just to you. Who could you say have done that for you? Me.

I think your special day deserves a unique celebration, just like the unique and wonderful person you are.

This webpage is also a testament for how opposite we are to one another.

Again, I didn't get a card Laura, but I will continue to love you better and love you for what I know love is. I love you in my own way.

I'm wishing you the happiest birthday my beautiful baby girl.

I know that you're pretty sad that I won't be there all day to celebrate with you cause of work, but I hope you allow yourself to celebrate today as you should. You deserve to celebrate and be celebrated.

Don't forget about Red Lobster for 7:30PM tonight and to dress nice!

OH and go check the dryer downstairs. I have something for you.