Adding Meteor Showers to my Roguelike Mobile Game!

Alpha: Omnipresence Devlog #2

Adding Meteor Showers to my Roguelike Mobile Game!

Thanks for joining me for another devlog in the series where I take apart my first published game, Alpha: Omnipresence!

If you're new here, this series is fuelled by my own design regrets with the game and my plans to transition it into the roguelike genre.

The Basic Implementation

I needed 8 sessions of work to get this to work and look how I wanted.

Below is how it all looked and worked at first.


Getting meteors to spawn first

Then, I got it to look like the following all within Unity using glow effects and the particle system!


Looking better

Targeting the Player

Everything was mostly visual appeal though. The meteors were spawning at places where it didn't even really affect the gameplay.

It's supposed to spike up the difficulty, so I got it to target spawning points with random range distances from the player.


Almost there

Spawn in Waves

Then, I realized that it's doing too good of a job.

The game gets that spike in difficulty I wanted, but it needed to level back down. So, I designed the meteors to spawn only in intervals that lasts longer and longer the longer the player survives. Oh and I have it start with only 3 meteors that progressively increases as well.


Final? And bonus lofi background music

Thank you again for tuning in.

// Video Version

July Contributors

Special thank you shout out to the following ongoing generous supporters of my work!

  • Laura Milligan
  • Jacob Huang
  • Andrew Abrook
  • Faiz Prasla
  • Armaigne Rivero
  • Joshua Ravasco
All Supporter# contributors will have their names forever embedded in the startup screen of the game!