Improving the Visuals of my Roguelike Mobile Game

Alpha: Omnipresence Devlog #7

Improving the Visuals of my Roguelike Mobile Game

Yet another devlog in the series where I give my very first published game, Alpha: Omnipresence, a major makeover!

Taking a break from adding new things into the game, I dedicated the past week making the current art a little better.

// Colour Contrast

I made everything interactable within planets pop out more using brighter colours and light emitting materials.

This include the coins, enemies, the recent meteor shower plus spike additions, and more.

It's a simple way to help players differentiate them from the planet's environment.


Planet Mental: Before and After Visual Comparison

// Smaller and Less Obstacles

Speaking of planet environment, I went over all 24 planets currently in the game to make some environmental changes.

I scaled most of the objects down enough to provide a better looking proportion compared to the player's size, while keeping it tall enough for players to actually hide behind and use to guard themselves from projectiles.

I also cut down on how much obstacles there are in each world.

Not only do these changes take away clutter, but they also make the game perform better by giving the spawning logic for everything in the game more surface area to work with!

Here are two planets (planet sometime and competition) and how they look before and after the changes.


Planets Sometime and Competition: Before and After Obstacle Changes

// Enemy Range

Since there are less obstacles and more open spaces in each planet, I also lowered the range that make enemies start to aim their shot towards the player so that the difficulty gets balanced again.

// Looking for Feedback

Anyway, how else can I improve the visuals? What would you change about the plain coloured backgrounds?

As of now, I'm thinking of adding texture on the backgrounds.

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you for tuning in.

// Video Version

// August Contributors

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