Implementing Feedback on Visuals for my Roguelike Mobile Game!

Alpha: Omnipresence Devlog #8

Implementing Feedback on Visuals for my Roguelike Mobile Game!

Game development subreddits are excellent spaces to get feedback and stories that help stay rational as a game developer.

// Implementing Feedback!


Before and After Results of Feedback Implementation

// Adding Stars

I really liked this comment from Artisticslap, suggesting to replace the fast moving particles with non-intrusive stars.

So, I changed the particles and the system itself to spawn around the planet.

// Aligning UI Elements

Someone also commented about the unaligned user interface.

I did ask for feedback and presentation can go a long way even if it was and still is a work in progress, so I should've known better.

Thanks to this person, it's aligned now and has brighter colour for better impression.

Aligned the User Interface Elements Outlined by the Red Box

// Less Saturated Colours

With all the 3D game objects, I also made their colours come out more by increasing the intensity of lighting in the game.


Colour Differences by just Increasing the Intensity of Lighting

I did make adjustments to some material colouring, but having better lighting did most of the work.

// Post-Processing

There were also comments about needing shadows to connect objects better to the planet and adding a gradient to the background.

Thankfully, I got post-processing to work in Unity again so I added in the Vignette and Ambient Occlusion effects to check these comments off of the list.

// Conclusion

Got to believe.

Check out the rest of the series where I give this game, Alpha: Omnipresence, a major makeover!

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