Converting my Game from Unity to Godot

Alpha: Omnipresence Devlog #9

Converting my Game from Unity to Godot

You're looking at thousands of hours of work in the Unity engine that I'm about to abandon.


Project #01 Discontinued from being built in Unity

// What Made me Reevaluate my Game Engine of Choice

On September 12, Unity made an announcement to update their pricing and plan that charges developers 20 cents per install of any games that came from their engine starting next year.

This fee only gets triggered when a game successfully hits both of the following:

  • Make $200,000 USD revenue in the last year
  • Get a lifetime install of at least 200,000
Here's the official chart of the pricing and plan updates by Unity for your reference

At the basic level, if a game is over the given threshold, this means that people can repeatedly install and uninstall a game to make a developer/studio go bankrupt. Now, just imagine when that process gets automated with software.

There's nothing Unity can do to accurately track the number of installs without going through privacy concerns.

My games are nowhere near the threshold, but what the hell am I doing if I didn't believe that someday I will trigger the installation fees with my games.

I'll be seeking open source options like Godot to keep my peace of mind and have maximum ownership of the games I will be producing in the future.

I've already dropped all of my progress in Unity and started converting everything to Godot ever since I found out about the news.

// How it's Going with Godot so Far

This is how it's going so far and I'm trusting myself to get back to where I was in this new engine.


Got player movement working so far in Godot!

Updates may come through slowly, but I'm stubborn as hell so I'll make it happen somehow someway.

Cheers for reading all the way to here.

— Renz Rivero

// September Contributors

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