Introduction to my Next Game | Indie Puzzle Game Devlog 0

Introduction to my Next Game | Indie Puzzle Game Devlog 0
Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash

Welcome to a new series for a puzzle game that I will be working on with my partner Laura.

In this project, the main goal is to bring the focus into Laura's cool, expressive, and thought-provoking collage art.

The best way I can think of to bring the attention into the art is to make a classic sliding puzzle game out of them, where you slide tiles around to make a picture.

In other words, I'm fortunate. The game art is something I won't need to handle heavily and programming the game itself is something that I expect to have a lot of resources I can refer to since it is such a classic game.

Now, this is all cool and all, but similar to all of my projects, I always want to implement new systems so that I can build up an arsenal of them that I can use in the future. So, that new system I want in my arsenal is a way to hook up a game to an eCommerce shop to make it possible to create prizes in games. With this project, this means that Laura and I need to set up a shop for her art as well as create prize unlockables in the game for free shipping codes or discount codes to her shop for example.

With that said, the project sounds scary for me now. There are a lot of unknowns and I don't even know if it complies with the mobile stores. All I know is that I'm stubborn enough to make something work and that the fact that the project is now uncomfortable is a good thing.

And as always, here is a storyboard for an early look of how we envision the game to look like.

The design is inspired by another sliding puzzle game, Sliding Puzzles by Real Magic Gaming. In that game, I like how the main menu is straight to the point and gives players a grid view of the pictures available in the game. You press one and you immediately start playing. The design of it is perfect to draw off of because it will make Laura's art the center of attention. It's also cool how the main menu will be a collage of the collage art. It fits in with the theme.

With the goal of connecting the game to an art shop, I thought it would also be cool to make the buttons look like price tags to really play with that idea.

That is it for this devlog!

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