Adding an "On-Call" Feature in my Financial Education Indie Game!

*The actual last feature for Rainy Day

Adding an "On-Call" Feature in my Financial Education Indie Game!

As you may already know, Rainy Day is a financial education game in which players literally stack money in each round of gameplay.

These rounds of gameplay are called Hours in the game, because these rounds are essentially a simulation of an hour of work in real life.

And just like in real life, the max Hours players can Work in the game daily is limited to a range of only 4-8 hours, depending on how far they are in the game.

But, in real life, we can also be called by our bosses for overtime work so I implemented a feature to simulate this.

Basically, a three hour timer gets set the moment a player plays through their Hours for the day. Then, three hours later (in real life), an Hour is added to their day for them to play when they do open the game for the day again.

The earn button changes to overtime!

And to really nail this on-call overtime feature down, players will get notified when their overtime Hour is available. It's a one time thing daily that they get to choose to do or not.

The notification players get!

Thank you for playtesting and special shoutout to the very generous supporters of my work

  • Laura Milligan
  • Jacob Huang
  • Andrew Abrook
  • Faiz Prasla