No one Cares, More Falling Objects, and Daily Scoring Limit

Rainy Day Devlog #6: No one cares about you or your game, falling object variety, and daily scoring limit

No one Cares, More Falling Objects, and Daily Scoring Limit
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Hello world! It's been a while since the last devlog but I think I finally have something that is log worthy.

I'd like to start dark by saying something I realized a long time ago with my first game and I know is valuable in game development or anything in general.

No one Cares!

No one! And I don't mean to say that just to be negative or destructive, but the more I understand this to be true, the more I feel empowered.

It's nothing personal and it actually makes sense. How can someone else care more about something we are passionate about and have personally put in countless of hours of work on? There's also the fact that everyone has something going on for themselves. Their own passions. Their own games. Its just not personal!

I understand why and how it can be taken wrong though. And as per usual, a growth mindset no matter the circumstance is the way to go about it. It's better to think of it as our responsibility in a marketing perspective. As in how do we make someone care when no one cares by default?

A lot of people/companies are great at marketing and honestly you're just as good as me, probably better actually. I'm still learning and I'm just happy that I'm trying which is something you can easily do too if you aren't already. We have the internet. It's never been easier. I just really suck. We have all these social media platforms we can share our passions in for zero money as many times as we want.

I guess all I can really say is that for you to stay YOU once you start. Put out content as much as humanly possible in the free media platforms of your choice. There are inspirations everywhere and there are always more things to learn but its never cool to be a straight up copy of someone else out there.

Falling Object Variety!

I know this game will overall be simple once everything is said and done but stacking objects that look the same all throughout the game just doesn't do it. So, I've added variety!

There are now three different cubes that can spawn in the game each with their own color, width, and individual value.
1. Honey yellow colored cube = has a value of 3
2. Green sheen colored cube = has a value of 2
3. Grullo colored cube = has a value of 1

And the width of the cube just gets smaller by a fraction the more valuable it is.

I've also experimented with a fourth purple cube that had a 50/50 chance of being worth 3, 2 or 1 with 0 and it kept the same width as a value of 1. I just ended up not going with the idea because of its RNG nature. It may come back to life later down the road because it does fit into an aspect of the theme for the game. If that is an idea that sounds good in the game design perspective, please help me out!


Preview of the implemented variety of falling objects

Daily Scoring Limit

A minor change I need to mention is that the number of falling objects is not random anymore because I realize that it didn't need to be random so I will settle for a fix number that works well.

With that said, I've made a system to max the limit of what a player can potentially score by only providing 8 chances of playtime daily with each chance being that fix number (mentioned above) that they can score.

To try and make it more clear, let's say the fix number a player can potentially score per playtime is 10. The 8 chances of playtime for the day will allow a max score of 800 (100 x 8) scored for the day. For this current version of the game; however, I have the fix score set to 80 (max score of 80 x 8 = 640).

The idea here is that I'm trying to simulate real-life working hours into minute(s) of play which is why the game will be referring to these playtimes as hours.

8 "hours" left for the day

And depending on how the player does per hour pretty much equal their wage. After these 8 'hours' of playtime, aka work shift in real life, it then repeats again for the next day and more specifically at midnight where the player is given their 8 hours to 'work'.

"Work" shift hours starts again the next day

Ultimately, this is all part of the plan in building up the financial literacy I am claiming the game will subtly help in teaching or reinforcing. Any guess on what the pseudo name for scoring will be? Let me know!

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