Shattering Bodies in my Game!

Roguesphere Devlog #16

Shattering Bodies in my Game!

Explosion of the enemy body parts remain + a new particle effect!

It's definitely better than the old way:


It worked, but it wasn't it.

// A Monotonous Task.

Implementing it was made easy thanks to the 'Cell Fracture' effect in Blender (SUCH A GREAT SOFTWARE).


From Blender, all I had to do was export the fractures and apply the physics rules of my game, but this task became boring very quickly.

I have 3 types of enemies in the game that each have 24 skins, which means how many repetitive tasks in total?



// Worth the Effort!

Aside from the visual changes, these fractures open up new upgrade ideas in the game and so far only boring statistical upgrades are in the game.

I'll be sharing much more interesting mechanical player AND enemy upgrades coming soon!

Short and sweet for this one.

— Renz Rivero

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