Health System in my Indie Game

Roguesphere Devlog #17

Health System in my Indie Game

Happy Halloween!

Just wanted to share a small change and addition to the health mechanics of Roguesphere!

Since health is an important information in the game, I've finally realized that I should be making it very clear to players how much of it they have left.

What's new:

  • Excess healing mechanic
  • Text information provided
  • Part of the heads-up display
  • Has the same colour as the player character

The excess healing mechanic is a Downwell inspiration that I took, because I didn't want any healing in my game to go to waste as well.

So, every time a player over heals their health, the excess amount can build up to a total amount of 4, which would then heal and increase their max health.

This is a preparation update for what I'm sharing next!

AHH a month and so left till play testing!!

Thank you for your support and talk soon.

— Renz Rivero

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