Select How Hard the Game Gets as You Progress!

In Roguesphere, as you progress and hop from one planet to the next, you have to pick one difficulty upgrade.

Select How Hard the Game Gets as You Progress!

// Choose a Difficulty Upgrade

In Roguesphere, as you progress and hop from one planet to the next, you have to pick one difficulty upgrade.

These effects stay until you either die or beat the game.

Uncontrolled Strength

"Enemy body gets smashed right away rather than thrown."

Enemies get smashed on hit, disabling your ability to kill multiple enemies at once.


Uncontrolled Strength Demo

Exploding Enemies

"Some enemies explode on collision."

Spawned enemies have a chance of being explosive. Smashing these enemies causes an explosion that hurt you when you are in it and kills other enemies nearby.


Explosive Enemies Demo

You don't want to take this with Uncontrolled Strength. Otherwise, you rely on launch pads or another player upgrade that I have yet to introduce to deal with explosive enemies safely.


Explosive Enemies + Uncontrolled Strength = Ouch (Demo)

Phasing Bullets

"Bullets go through obstacles."

Although you can still use obstacles to stop enemies from aiming, it wouldn't save you from bullets once you've given enemies enough time to ready their shot.


Phasing Bullets Demo

Pursuant Enemies

"All enemies become aggressive."

Only the green enemies, are pursuant by nature. The two other enemy types mostly patrol the planet unless you get into their field of view or get a certain distance near them.

Enemy Shots

"Increase enemy shots."

Enemies will take two shots instead of one when you give them enough time to aim.


Enemy Shots Demo

Enemy Damage

"Increase enemy damage."

Bullets will deal two damage per hit instead of one.

Enemy Range

"Increase enemy range."

Enemies get a longer range to start aiming their shot at you and can be upgraded multiple times.

No Coins

"Coins stop spawning."

The only way you can earn coins after taking this will be through combo rewards.

// Selection Menu

Here's a look at the menu that appears as you hop from one planet to the next:

I should match the healing text colour with the health bar colour. Got to rework a lot of the colouring in this game.

Only 3 options out of all the difficulty upgrades are given to you at a time.

The worst upgrades like increasing the enemy damage, enemy shots, and phasing bullets appear more so at the later stages of the game for balancing.

To make things more interesting, the difficulty 'tiers' are associated with healing as well. The worse the upgrade, the better the healing you get.

Here's the difficulty tier list at the moment:

Tier 1 (Heal 1 HP)

  • No Coins
  • Enemy Range
  • Pursuant Enemies

Tier 2 (Heal 2 HP)

  • Explosive Enemies
  • Uncontrolled Strength

Tier 3 (Heal 3 HP)

  • Enemy Damage
  • Enemy Shots
  • Phasing Bullets

Currently brainstorming for more options as well. I'm open for any ideas! You know how to reach me :)

Early sketches of the upgrade icons

// Portal

Marvel: Loki TVA Portal

Now, here's a very early work in progress look at the portal that gets you from one planet onto the next inspired by the portals in the Loki Disney+ series.


Pretty similar animation as well!

Something about it doesn't look or feel quite right, but who knows. We'll see where it goes.

That's it for this one!

— Renz Rivero

Catch you again next time!

// Supporters

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