Adding a Loki Inspired Portal in my Game!

Design talk about the spawning rules of the Loki inspired portal in the game.

Adding a Loki Inspired Portal in my Game!
Marvel: Loki TVA Portal

I'm back to talk about the Loki inspired portals in the game!


// Portal Spawning Rules

So, I'm cluttering the heads-up display (HUD) ... again ... with new text information about the objectives you as a player would need to complete to spawn the portal and progress in the game.

Survival Timer

Survive for the set time and the portal will spawn.

For each planet, a time gets set for how long you will need to survive and this gets longer as you progress in the game.


Showcasing the new timer under the health bar. New colour palette though :O

Overall, the game benefits from having a timer that runs out, because it gives the player a clear objective to survive at all cost in however way that means to them.

Players can survive with the following playstyles:

  • running, hiding, and dodging bullets
  • eliminating enemies
  • mixture of both

What I like most is that this timer makes it possible to beat the game without having to kill anything, which should be a very difficult achievement that I can have for the game.

A Note on Hiding

"Given the opportunity, players will optimize the fun out of a game." – Soren Johnson, Civilization IV Designer

I want to allow players to hide, but I'm trying my best to design the game to make players hide PLUS run, dodge bullets, or fight throughout the game.

To push more active survival, movement, and make it difficult to beat the game by just hiding to let the time run out:

  1. Enemies that pursue the player are always present
  2. Coins used for upgrades or healing are scattered around the planet
  3. Upgrade and healing pedestals themselves are scattered around the planet
  4. Start a meteor shower that actively targets the player as last resort

Enemy Elimination

Eliminate a total amount of enemies set and the portal will spawn.

For each planet, a progressively increasing number of total enemies to eliminate also gets set.

This is more of a secondary objective so it doesn't get to have its permanent space in the HUD and can ultimately be ignored.


Showcasing the brief info that pops up for enemy eliminations. New colour palette though!! :O

What's neat about this design is that if you can manage to complete this secondary objective, you can progress in the game faster (ie. spawn and enter the portal to escape to the next planet sooner).

It makes the experience a bit more interesting for speedrunners, because it makes time sort of something they can control with their game knowledge and skills.

Catch you again next time!

— Renz Rivero

// Supporters

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