Collecting, smashing, and UPGRADING!

Player upgrades in Roguesphere

Collecting, smashing, and UPGRADING!

// User Interface and Experience Update

Reducing Information Overload

The previous design in the initial implementation of the upgrade pedestals included the upgrade icon, the price, as well as a description of the upgrade.

To keep things digestible as possible in the heat of gameplay, I'm deciding to replace the upgrade description with just the upgrade name.

When the upgrade gets bought, the upgrade description will then popup briefly below the player character.


The plan is to also allow players to turn off the text on top of the pedestals as well as the description popup in the settings, giving a more Hades design.

I'm concerned with accessibility though, so I'm starting off with the description turned on and enabling more experienced players to toggle it off when they want.

Upgrades and Downgrades Information Row

I've also brought back the upgrade icon information row and included a difficulty upgrade icon information row now as well.

And instead of cluttering the upper portion of screen, this information is now at the very bottom of the screen, because it's one of those things that you don't need constant reminder of unlike your health and coins collected.

Bottom left = player upgrades ; Bottom right = difficulty upgrades

// Player Upgrades

Each upgrade has a tier that determines their pricing, which is subject to change.

These upgrade effects stay until you either die or beat the game.

Feast (Tier 3)

Gain the ability to eat enemy remains and heal per X consumed!

Similar to how coins are collected, dead enemy bodies can now be 'collected' and consumed.

Eat enough enemies and you will heal for 1 HP. This is indicated by a text pop up saying "OMNOMNOM," which is another Downwell inspired design in the game!


You can keep track of the number of enemies consumed at the very bottom of the screen.


This player upgrade interestingly works well coupled with the Uncontrolled Strength difficulty upgrade, making you skip out on 'collecting' enemy bodies and having you eat them right away.



The Explosive Enemies difficulty upgrade as the name implies makes some enemies explode and turns anything within the vicinity into ash, leaving you with nothing to eat.


Shield (Tier 3)

Excess healing becomes shielding from damage taken!

Getting hit takes damage off of any excess healing you've earned first before your health.

Feared (Tier 3)

All enemies run away when you get close!

All types of enemies stop aiming when you get close, making them run away from you.

Coin Combo Reset (Tier 3)

Combo timer resets when coins are collected!

Allows you to keep a combo chain going by collecting coins. It resets the timer, but it doesn't increment the chain.

Max HP Increase (Tier 3)

+Max HP

Self explanatory. Buying this heals you for 1 HP and increases your max HP.

Options (Tier 2)

Increase number of upgrade options!

More upgrade pedestals spawn for you to buy and make use of as an obstacle to play around with. This can be upgraded multiple times to a max of 4 as of now.

Enemy Launch Pads (Tier 2)

+3 enemy launch pads spawns!

Scatter enemy launch pads around the planet that launches enemies off of your world when they step on it. This can be upgraded multiple times to a max of 12 as of now.

Trigger Influence (Tier 2)

Enemies take longer to shoot!

All enemies need 3 seconds to shoot by default. This can be upgraded multiple times to a max of 4 seconds.

Resilience (Tier 1)

+5% chance to ignore bullets!

Bullets that connect have a chance to be ignored as if you didn't feel a thing. This can be upgraded multiple times to a max of 30% as of now.

Magnet (Tier 1)

Increase coin attract range!

The range to attract and magnetize coins towards you can be increased multiple times.


Magnet works well with the Coin Combo Reset upgrade as you could imagine!

Movement Speed (Tier 1)

Increase movement speed!

Move faster to collect coins, kill enemies, evade bullets, and avoid hazards.

That's it for this one!

I'm still brainstorming more upgrade ideas and I'm open to hearing any of yours! You know how to reach me :)

— Renz Rivero

// Supporters

Special thank you shout out to the following ongoing generous supporters of my work, making a difference in the world and mine.

  • Laura Milligan
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  • Joshua Ravasco
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