Going Rogue!

Alpha: Omnipresence Devlog #1

Going Rogue!

Welcome back to another devlog in the series where I give my very first published game, Alpha: Omnipresence, a major makeover!

As I mentioned in the opening devlog of the series, reverting back to the original health system has taken the game's depth to a whole new level. Literally!

For the upcoming update, I've been dedicated to expanding the character stats beyond just the basic health and healing values. As of now, the following stats are implemented for the character:

  • Resilience - determines the damage amount of each projectile
  • Movement Speed - the character movement speed
  • Dexterity - determines if a successful projectile enemy hit should damage or "miss"
  • Magnet - the character's range for item pickup
  • Health - the max health of the character
  • Heal - the healing value of each recurring healing object that spawns

If you have any other stat ideas, I would love to hear them in the comment section of this post down below. I am willing to even include your name in the game credits if it is something that goes into the game!

In true typical rougelike design, as players keep surviving longer and longer in a single run, they'll get the chance to level up a chosen stat from a randomize set of options.

Outside of a run, players can also permanently boost the base values of these character stats, adding an element of ongoing progression and nudging the game towards a more rougelite vibe.

Thank you for tuning in and see you on the next one!

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