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Alpha: Omnipresence Devlog #10

Back to it...

// Continuing my Last Game in Unity

This devlog and the one coming after was sort of spoiled by my previous devlog with the whole Unity situation.

The gist is that Unity ended up reverting their plans way back to the point that I'm comfortable enough to continue with the progress I have with this project rather than starting from zero with Godot.

With that said, trust is lost. The real damage will show up for Unity once everyone's done with their dev cycles and are ready to make their next game, which will likely be on a different engine.

Anyway, onto the devlog...

// Creating Sprites that Represent each Player Stat

Recently, I've been working on simple icons to represent player stats for my game.


Sped up video loop of the sprite creation process in Inkscape

What I'm using to do all of this is Inkscape and its a free and open source vector graphics software.

// New Level Up Menu

Here's the new look of the level up menu with the new icons.

Screenshot from the short video version of this devlog

Doing quick research on layout design tells me that a vertical layout promotes a more focused scanning flow.

So, I'm taking advantage to help make the information provided in each card easier to take in being that your eyes are fixated on one single area rather than having your attention divided into the left and right halves of the screen.

// Stat Info Row

Along with these changes are the row of icons just below the experience bar.

Screenshot from the short video version of this devlog

I think it's a nice addition to let players know the upgrades they've made and what level each of them are at.

// Conclusion

It's the small details that go a long way.

Let me know your thoughts and opinions with the changes in the comments!

Thanks for catching this one and check out the rest of the series where I do a major overhaul of Alpha: Omnipresence.

— Renz Rivero

// September Contributors

Special thank you shout out to the following ongoing generous supporters of my work, making a difference in the world and mine.

  • Laura Milligan
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