Adding an Item Magnet in my Roguelike Mobile Game

Alpha: Omnipresence Devlog #3

Adding an Item Magnet in my Roguelike Mobile Game

Hello again,

Welcome back to another devlog in the series fuelled by my own design regrets where I do a major overhaul to my very first published game, Alpha: Omnipresence.

Fail Fail Fail

I put in about an hour and a half to get the core concept to work. The following are all the iterations I had to go through trying to attract items towards the player.

With my first attempt, I somehow got the coins to spawn or move somewhere unreachable?


A little more programming and I got it to not even show up on the screen at all.


Almost . . .

Finally, I got the items to move towards the character.



Now, I just had to adjust the invincible dome radius for attracting items originated on top of the character.


There! An item magnet mechanic that I can use as a progressional stat by playing around with the radius!

Thank you once again for tuning in.

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July Contributors

Special thank you shout out to the following ongoing generous supporters of my work!

  • Laura Milligan
  • Jacob Huang
  • Andrew Abrook
  • Faiz Prasla
  • Armaigne Rivero
  • Joshua Ravasco
All Supporter# contributors will have their names forever embedded in the startup screen of the game!