Spiking Things Up in my Roguelike Mobile Game!

Alpha: Omnipresence Devlog #5

Spiking Things Up in my Roguelike Mobile Game!

Back with another devlog in the series where I completely turn my first published game, Alpha: Omnipresence, feel like a completely new game!

// Reusing Code

I reused the code I wrote for the wave spawning of the meteor shower I showcased in one of my previous devlogs, so this took only 3 development sessions to get going.

Spikes spawn in nearby locations from the player and respawns when it doesn't get stepped on.

When you decide to stay on it for some reason, it won't respawn and will continue to hurt you every 2 seconds.


Spikes spawning early demo

// Creating the Spike Model

Then, I got to work in Blender to make a simple spike model that actually looks like something you shouldn't step on in the game.


Creating the spikes model in Blender

// Making the Spike Stand Out

Back in Unity, I created and added colour to the spikes that help it stand out even more.


Making the spikes stand out using light emitting material in Unity

// Particle Effects

As a finishing touch, I added particle effects every time you step on them.


Particle effects for the finishing visual touch

Thank you again for tuning in.

// Video Version

// August Contributors

Special thank you shout out to the following ongoing generous supporters of my work, making a difference in the world and mine.

  • Laura Milligan
  • Jacob Huang
  • Andrew Abrook
  • Faiz Prasla
  • Armaigne Rivero
  • Joshua Ravasco
All Supporter# contributors will have their names forever embedded in the game credits!