Embracing the New!

Roguesphere Devlog #13

Embracing the New!

Alpha: Omnipresence is getting a fresh new name along with its big upcoming game design rework.

The game is now Roguesphere. Ooooooo!!!


New Branding

I mean this is so much better than Alpha: Omnipresence... right?

// Why the Name Change?

The old name was just slapped together.

I mean even the game itself was rushed.

At the time, I really just wanted to get my first official game release out there.

I've learned a lot and have released another game called Rainy Day since then.

So, now I'm here to 'correct' the things I've rushed, because I truly believe that this game idea has so much more potential and its worthwhile.

// What's Better About this Name Change?

First of all, I search Roguesphere up on Google and it only has 1,900 search results, meaning the game won't have much competition compared to the 1,470,000 result with Alpha: Omnipresence.

And yes, I've taken presidency when you do a search for Alpha: Omnipresence, but the name overall is not:

  • straightforward in its relevance about what to expect with the game
  • visually appealing on the cover art, because of the colon
  • as good to say out loud

On the other hand, Roguesphere is a name that is:

  • reflective of the game's cosmic theme, core game play (roguelike game), and narrative (yes, I plan on adding an ending)
  • much more marketable artwise and just overall
  • a lot more unique; therefore, memorable?

// Conclusion

I didn't need to wait for my usual weekend Saturday schedule to announce this so it's a Thursday treat.

Talk to you Saturday about some juicy changes!

– Renz Rivero

// Supporters

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  • Laura Milligan
  • Jacob Huang
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  • Faiz Prasla
  • Armaigne Rivero
  • Joshua Ravasco
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