Patching the Forecast for Rainy Day Play!

It's really been more than 3 months since release huh.

Patching the Forecast for Rainy Day Play!
Patch Summary
• Adjusted the Time Value upgrade values to make the late game feel better
• Level 1: 80
• Level 2: 120
• Level 3: 180
• Level 4: From 260 -> 240
• Level 5: From 360 -> 300
• Higher frame rate (from 30 to 100/120)
• Adjusted horizontal control sensitivity
• General UI/UX changes

Thank you to everyone that have played and are still playing! It's a good feeling that I can't describe.

As you may know, I've been working on not just this patch for Rainy Day, but also a pretty big update for my very first released game Alpha: Omnipresence and have already tackled a new untitled puzzle game project.

So, this patch took longer than it should have due to those reasons and mainly Unity issues.

// Maxed Multiplier and Time Value Upgrade Balancing

I've decided to adjust the last two levels of the Time Value upgrade to the following:

  • Level 1: 80
  • Level 2: 120
  • Level 3: 180
  • Level 4: 260 -> 240
  • Max level 5: 360 -> 300

By now, there are players in the late game and have maxed out the Object Multiplier and Time Value upgrades.

At default, these upgrades meant that each falling object has a multiplier of x1 and that the max potential money to be earned per hour (gameplay round) is 80. With the lowest valued object stacked, the performance percentage went up by 1.25% (1/80 x 100) and all these values seem to provide a fair challenge.

However, I made the wrong decision to make the game harder than it was compared to the difficulty in the beginning by making the lowest valued object at these max levels only increase the performance percentage by 1.11% (4/360 x 100).

These max levels made it hard to get to the 40% deposit threshold needed to clear the screen of current stacks, which in turn made it hard to even collect the max potential of 360 stacks in the hour.

Worse, for some players, the decision to max out on the Time Value upgrade seemed like a wrong decision, because it even made it hard to even get 260 stacks, which was the max earning potential of the level before.

The decision to the significant decrease in the earning potential in the max level is so that the lowest valued object with the max Object Multiplier upgrade increased the performance by 1.33% (4/300 x 100).

This new value should keep the positive feedback that happens when the Object Multiplier is upgraded to make the game feel easier.

// User Interface and User Experience Changes

Aside from the changes in the text of the shop for the changes with the Object Multiplier and Time Value upgrade, the Emergency Fund also needed a small, but informative change.

The amount of stack (money) in the Emergency Fund is now shown to the player rather than having to remember how much had been put in and doing manual calculations.

// Higher Frame Rate

  • Frame rate increased to 100/120 FPS (from 30)

With the increase in frame rate, the swiping sensitivity was affected and so adjustments have been made to make the gameplay feel about the same or better than before.

// Bugs

  • Fixed the issue where any of the "ad" buttons stopped working after watching a couple of ads unless the game is reset/killed
  • Band-aid fix of lowering values of long completion bonuses that get reset when you leave and come back to the game

// New Supporter Added!

Joshua Ravasco joins the in-game credits for being a Supporter# during the development stage of Rainy Day!

Contributors Powering Rainy Day
Contributors Powering Rainy Day

Thank you again for playing.

// August Contributors

Special thank you shout out to the following ongoing generous supporters of my work, making a difference in the world and mine.

  • Laura Milligan
  • Jacob Huang
  • Andrew Abrook
  • Faiz Prasla
  • Armaigne Rivero
  • Joshua Ravasco
Supporter# contributors during any development of Rainy Day will have their names forever embedded in the game credits!