A nice and quick addition I've made for the game.


// Enemy Aiming

A nice and quick addition I've made for the game is having an exclamation point popup on top of enemies that are aiming their shot at you!


Enemy aim warning showcase (!)

Like the health system, this is something I want to make very clear for players.

// Feature Toggling

I'm thinking that this feature should be on by default as it overall helps the game and make it as accessible as possible, but is it worth it to have a toggle on/off for it in the settings?

Or... could it be a viable difficulty upgrade option as well?

For those who missed the last devlog:

In Roguesphere, as you progress and hop from one planet to the next, you have to pick one difficulty upgrade. These effects stay until you either die or beat the game.

Hmmm... curious of your thoughts on this.

// Fresh Canvas

Another thing I'm curious of are your opinions on these...

This is SUPERHOT inspired. My game draws inspiration from it in terms of art style and how the enemies in that game shatters, so I thought it would be cool to try out the same colouring style for my game as well.

I low key like the look and it takes away the worry I have in dealing with colours, but I overall think this was just a fun test.

Like a fresh page on a colouring book, this 'experiment' allows me to start off fresh and rework the colour palettes of each planet in the game.

It's a whole different topic that deserves it's own devlog, so that's it for this one.

That was the warning. Thanks for reading all the way through about it!

Talk again soon.

— Renz Rivero

// Supporters

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