Cracking the Puzzle Code

Untitled Puzzle Game Devlog #1

Cracking the Puzzle Code
Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster / Unsplash

I'm glad to have you here in yet another game development series! For this devlog, I'll be sharing updates on my upcoming new game project that I'm working on alongside my partner, Laura!

I've been juggling projects lately and it's an inevitable circumstance I feel after pushing out more than one game as nothing is ever really finished, especially when we're talking about games. That's why updates exist! So, be on the lookout for a Rainy Day and Alpha: Omnipresence update!

Anyway, Laura and I's untitled puzzle game is coming along as well! Check out the art pieces we showcased in the introductory devlog of this series and how complex they could actually get when divided into grids to make puzzles below.

The 3x3 puzzle grids may not seem bad at all, but these type of puzzles are harder than they look. Then, there are the 4x4 and 5x5 versions, which just scares me. For testing purposes, I'll either have to get so good at solving these or create some sort of cheat to solve them.

These are to add more layers and a straightforward progression into the game, each art piece start as a 3x3 puzzle that ramps up in difficulty by adding more rows and or columns each time it gets solved.

I have to give credit where credit is due. I knew diving into this project that there will be plenty of resources that I will be able to refer to for the implementation of the actual game, because it's so common and I wasn't wrong. The main logic for the gameplay is complete thanks to the help of Firnox's YouTube video for creating a sliding puzzle game. The video shows a working implementation for accepting images then taking a square portion of them to divide into even rows and columns (3x3, 4x4, etc), setting the foundation for our project. I just tweaked the codebase for quite some time to be able to take and divide the entirety of Laura's art that come in mostly rectangular shapes as well as allow for uneven grids (3x4, 3x5, etc).

We're also working on importing more art to showcase into the project, so watch for that!

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